3 Reasons Why You Need To Create Art (Or Else You’re Wasting Your Time Here On Earth).

Webster’s Dictionary Defines Art As “Something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings”

Art Does not have to be a painting, sculpture, or musical composition. Find a way to express yourself and create something on your own.

Your creation does not have to be “good”. Don’t compare yourself to others. Art is relative.

 1) Strengthen Your Brain

Studies show that creating art increases connectivity within your brain. This brain power carries over into your daily life. Art makes you smarter.

2) It relieves stress.

 I get lost in my artwork. I play guitar, i write blog posts, I take photos. This helps me forget about things that are troubling me. These hobbies are a medium for me to solve problems. When I come back to reality, my challenges seem less intimidating and my issues become fixable.

3) Leave your mark.

Your art will be here long after you’ve left the earth. That poem in your notebook, that photo you took when the lighting was just right, that doodle you scratched into your desk during your study hall.

You were there at that moment and your creative expression will continue to leave an impression on humans that lay their eyes on it.



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