3 Reasons Why You Should Party Less

1) Hangovers

If you’re drinking in excess on a Friday or Saturday night, there’s a good chance you’ll have a hangover the next day. Now you’re starting your day off with less time and energy to tackle the plans you daydreamed about during the workweek. If you find yourself making excuses for a lack of “hours in a day” then maybe its time to make an honest effort to change your habits.

2) Health

Binge drinking alcoholic beverages is an effective way to dehydrate your body while consuming empty calories, carbs and sugar. Not to mention the temptation to order fastfood-food while you’re drunk. If you have goals of achieving a fit physique, you may need to re-evalualte your priorities and cut out those weekend brews.

3) Money

A night of drinking could easily run you a $50-$100 tab for the night, especially if you’re taking an Uber to and from the bar. (Do the math this could add up to thousands of dollars a year).  If you were hoping to invest your hard earned money in something of value (like real estate or a backpacking trip) then consider a cheaper source of entertainment.










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