6 Reasons Why You Should Work In The Tech Industry

1. It’s The Future

Technology is not going anywhere. A majority of professionals depend solely on computers to do their job. The use of technology will only increase over time. 

2. Financial Security

While Doctors, Lawyers and Financial Managers are curently some of the highest paying professions. Careers in Software Development, Engineering and Information Technology have made their way toward the top of the list in terms of salary.

3. Sustainability

Technology has the ability to make all of our processes faster, smarter and cleaner. Choose any passion, apply technology and you can expect positive results. Are you passionate about the environment? Technology means clean fuel and sustainable food sources. Are you passionate about healthcare? Add technology and improve processes for diagnosis and treatment. The list goes on.

4. Excitement

Are you bored easily? Technology is constantly growing and changing and will never be stagnant. The industry gives you an opportunuty to learn and adapt on a daily basis. 
5. Robots

Many of our jobs will become automated by robots in the future. Forget about your job being outsorced to another country. Your job will be owned by company’s like  Microsoft, Tesla, Apple and Amazon. Learn a skill that will put you in a position to build or maintain technology and you will always be valuable.

6. Work Remotely

Are you jealous of your techy friends getting the chance to work from home? Computers allows most tech employees to do their job from any location. This opportunity is unheard of in a majority of industries. 


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