3 Critical Things To Know About Bitcoin

Screenshot_2017-11-28-08-31-39-1.png1. Profit Potential And Risk

The price of bitcoin has reached new heights. Price swings are not unusual for the Cryptocurrency.  If you currently trade in the stock market, these price changes are difficult to ignore. Daily fluctuations make investing risky. Many people have made fortunes by investing in bitcoin and it’s not too late. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Diversification is key.


2. The Future Of Transactions

We all know that banking has its flaws. As a society we run the risk of experiencing fraud in the form of counterfeit cash, fake checks or identity theft.  We pay banks transaction fees to move our money and make them profitable.  Cryptocurrency is private, safe, and instant. Blockchain based Cryptocurrency will absolutely be how money is handled in the future.


3. Decentralization

Cryptocurrency is not controlled by a single entity like the dollar. Bitcoin is based on a blockchain equation that uses the internet to keep track of ledgers.  This creates a level playing field for all participators in the currency. There is no government influence or corporate control by banks.








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