5 Reasons To Choose Concerts Over Bars


1. Music Quality

Most bars play the same pop songs you hear on the radio without much variation. There are plenty of bars that do play “good” music, but the average bar is aiming to please the masses. Instead of getting caught in the same pop playlist, grab some tickets to a show or find a free open mic nearby. You may hear something new and inspiring.


2. Meet Like-Minded People

Your music choices can define you. The crowd at a concert often reflects a certain life-style. If you’re looking to make new friends, venues can be a great place to strike up a conversation about how good the set is, which bands you saw last week, and which artists are next on your list.

3. You Can Go Alone

Get lost in the crowd, dance and be yourself. Concert-goers are captivated by the performers and won’t notice if you’re alone at the event. It can be a freeing experience. Doing this at a bar is a little trickier. You can chat with the bartender or stare at your phone but it might get a little awkward at times.

4. Sound Quality

The quality of sound that emanates from a live band can not be compared to your local bars speaker system. Live music rumbles through your body and everyone in the crowd can feel it. There is something about a live performance that makes people want to jump and move around.

5. Break Out Of Your Routine

Concerts are a great way to break out of your usual bar-crawl loop. You’ll have a lot more to talk about with your co-workers and friends after a weekend seeing the Red-Hot-Chili Peppers then you would if you just “Went out.. grabbed a few drinks.. Ubered home.”



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